"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." 

  - Wayne Gretzky

💫Do you want to change your life?

💫Do you want to change your beliefs to better serve your future?

💫Do you want to make decisions, trust and not regret them?

💫Do you want to free yourself from reliving the past?

💫Do you want to have confidence in yourself and the future YOU CAN create?


Can you really change your life?


I teach various tools which aid in my clients' realizing their full potential by changing habits, reframing and reducing stress. When I learned about how the brain works, how to discern and shift patterns, it rocked my world! I knew my calling was to help others learn and utilize these principles to their advantage. Everyone deserves to be able to create their life of joy!

I specialize in Stress and Change Management. Stress is ever present, but only some will actually want to make changes. Why? They think they can't! I help you deal with, alleviate, and/or avoid stress and stressors while making the changes that will bring you happiness and personal success.


Hi, I'm Theresa, an Intuitive Life Coach 


What does that mean? 


I use my intuition as well as the knowledge I've gained over the last 20 years along with my coaching "tools" to help YOU change your mind, to change your life.


I'm the only Certified Belief Coding® Facilitator in Massachusetts!


Click below for more information on Belief Coding®, a groundbreaking  modality for rapid transformation!


“Theresa has helped me clear some major emotional blocks in my life. As a result I’ve experienced positive shifts in my personal relationships and in my business. ...excellent intuition about how to help you uncover and heal what needs to be healed. Highly recommend!”
-A. Stidham, Ohio

"I’m thankful for my session with Theresa. I went from a bundle of nerves, hanging on by a thread, to someone who had the weight of the world removed from her shoulders. While my stressors still existed, I didn’t feel like I was drowning anymore. I embraced a sense of peace and calm. The session helped me feel more in control of my life. I highly recommend coaching sessions with Theresa."

- Davina F., Massachusetts

"I did this last night and it was so good.

I’ve been thinking about it all day. Thank you."

- Maura M., Massachusetts

"Fabulous session with Theresa.  Helped me

verbalise the thoughts going round in my head and accept that I'm doing a great job!"

- Susan S., Belfast, NI


Belief Coding® is a groundbreaking modality for rapid transformation.  

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Single Session Life Coaching

Learn how to live your best life!  

$120 per session

Package of 10 sessions $999

Belief Coding Session

$225 per session

Sessions range anywhere from 45 - 90 minutes.