My Belief Coding session with Theresa was AMAZING!  I had no idea what to expect.  As a yoga teacher and spiritual person, I know we often define ourselves by the adjectives, labels, titles, etc that we and other people place on ourselves.  For years, I have talked about "peeling back the layers of the onion to experience our true self". My session with Theresa felt like a fast track to my 'self'. Since my session I have felt an overwhelming sense of freedom, peace, and empowerment. Theresa is a gifted practitioner, a wonderful human being, and I recommend her 100%. 

~Christy Leeds

Helping people realize their full potential lights me up!

There is nothing more satisfying than a happy client who then goes on to make others happy.

It's the ripple effect for expansion!

I love teaching about reframing and changing beliefs, so when I found Belief Coding® the game changed!


Theresa is an amazing healer and intuitive life coach. With Belief Coding, she takes you on an odyssey through your past to find the root cause of your issue.  She is there to guide you as you learn about yourself and your past.  The session is intense but freeing. It opens your mind to see your past and why you feel the way you do. It helps you understand why you are wired the way you are and helps you release the emotions connected to the issue so you can move forward and not be held back by the conditioning of those emotions and thought patterns. Working with her is a startling revelation and a wonderful gift by the opening your heart and soul to a deeper understanding of yourself. Her intuition is spot on in the knowing of what you need to use to work through those heavy emotions and help you step into the person you want to be and know you can be. She is truly an amazing and gifted healer.
~Denise Ramsden

Because Belief Coding® goes to the root of the issue!

It delves deep into the subconscious to the charged emotion surrounding each particular *discomfort*.

đź’«Imagine being able to change a long held belief in 45 - 120* minutes? 

đź’«Imagine not having an emotional charge when you think back on a traumatic memory?!

đź’«Imagine being able to shift energies and elevate your life?!

đź’«Imagine finally being able to release anxieties and phobias!

What is Belief Coding good for? EVERYTHING! 

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*Facilitation lengths vary

The session I had with Theresa was momentous for me. She helped discover and heal the root of a destructive belief I had. I felt lighter immediately, but the positive ripple effects keep showing themselves in my life. I am now steadily moving towards all of my goals without the self-sabotage that stemmed from that destructive belief. Thank you, Theresa!

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